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Providers of Effluent Treatment Solutions to The World

Welcome to WMEC

A world-leading waste water management company, WMEC are the designers and manufacturers of the SENTINEL, DAF, Bio and pH Guard water treatment systems.   We can Design and Build effluent treatment systems to remove and reduce a wide range of pollutants from agrochemicals to heavy metals.  We can also offer full Operation and Maintenance contracts to our clients.

As leading waste effluent problem solvers with plants in 42 countries worldwide, WMEC offer a very comprehensive service specifically designed to effectively, safely and economically treat a wide range of industrial and agricultural waste effluents in a cost efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

WMEC design and manufacture a range of plants to treat a variety of different waste streams:

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Our SENTINEL range is designed around the treatment method of flocculation, and can treat ialmost any organic or inorganic waste stream. It is easy to operate, compact and arrives on site factory assembled and tested.

The DAF is a diffused aeration flocculation system that is designed to treat oil and fat based products. The WMEC DAF system has been designed for dealing with suspended solids.

The bio is a biological treatment system that treats biologically degradable waste streams.  WMEC have a unique system of treating wastes such as sugar, cellulose, starch and phenols.

The pH guard is a system of regulating and controlling the pH of water.  It can either be a stand alone unit or used in conjunction with our other technologies.  Additionally, we have many units housed in WMEC containers / GRP fabrications.

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Bespoke machines

Our plants can be combined to treat varying waste streams and complicated mixed wastes.  We are able to do this because at WMEC we both design and build our plants allowing us to make any alterations needed for complicated and non-standard waste stream as well as our wealth of unparalleled experience.

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